5 Capstone Project ideas

Derek Cabellon: Game Over

The Ideas

1. A first person team based game where you fight to push a payload/ capture an objective or defend a payload/ objective.

This game will include: 3 game modes; payload, capture points, and King of the hill. A league of legends like item system. different characters and classes. each class will be unique in there own way, while still maintain one of 4 big class types; Tank, Fighter, Assassin, and Support.

Objective: capture/defend the objective.

Running, shooting, realistic, objective

2. A third person strategy game where you control an army in real time fighting another players army.

This game will include: 5 races with their own play styles, 5 maps, and one castle for each player. you must out maneuver/destroy the enemies army to get to their castle. Once you lose your army, its gone forever.

Objective: destroy the enemies castle.

Controlling units, 3-d, Objective

3. A third person side scrolling fighter with simple mechanics and interesting maps

This game will include: many many unique maps 28 different characters,  and smash bro like mechanics. We will be inputting blocking mechanics and unique characters unlocked through map secrets.

Objective: Knock all enemies off the map.

Fighting, Toony, Happy

4. A first/third person game where you are engaged in a space battle complete with entire fleets of ship all varying in sizes and power

This game will include: up to 4 giant fleets fighting each other, up 5 different classes of ships for each fleet, and interesting weapons and controls. Fleet ships can be the size of giant cruiser ships to small fighters. each has its own place in its massive fleet.

Objective: destroy the enemy fleet(s).

flying, Lock on, Sci-fi, complex

5. A top down shooter where you fight monsters and bosses

This game will include: 6 bosses, 12 different types of enemies, 5 levels, and lots of upgrades. Once you complete all the objectives you have to complete all the levels, backwards. Fighting the bosses first the all their minions.

Objective: save your dog.

rolling, shooting, toony, Simple

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